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Improve the quality of life and prevent injury

Progression towards the frailty is not necessary part of aging process. Acceptance of what is real helps us make beneficial decisions. Accepting illusions as reality leads us away from a life full of energy, joy, and mobility. Emphasizing quality of life is built around hope. Injury prevention programs as necessary as they revolve around fear.

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Fitness: The Missing Element In Emergency Preparedness 

What is emergency preparedness? Questions help clarify the steps needed to reach your desired outcome. Some dangers are obvious. A hurricane or an earthquake for example. A heart attack, a car accident or fire are easy to recognize. How about your dog losing consciousness? What if your dog ate your homework? Does a missing caterer

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Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Seniors

Two components of preparing for an emergency are a mental attitude and physical preparation. They both impact your outcome. You  could adopt an attitude based on accepting weakness, plan and provide support for it without taking any steps to bring strength into the picture. You could also take the attitude that regardless of who you

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