Improve the quality of life and prevent injury

by , under Injury Prevention

Progression towards the frailty is not necessary part of aging process.

Acceptance of what is real helps us make beneficial decisions. Accepting illusions as reality leads us away from a life full of energy, joy, and mobility.

Emphasizing quality of life is built around hope. Injury prevention programs as necessary as they revolve around fear.

We need both hope and fear to maintain our quality of life. However, with priority placed on quality of life we take steps that are uplifting to us.

There is a log of emphasis these days on how with age we should accept a decline in health or fitness. That is only partially true.

The hormonal changes, loss of nutrients and difficulty in absorbing nutrients are well documented. However, so is the impact of resistance training exercises in slowing down and even reversing the lost hormonal levels of our youth.

It is true that as we get older the body will lose stamina. It is equally true that we can improve our stamina through improving our cardiovascular fitness after age 50.